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Release Notes 2.x

gApp JSF Web-Application

2.0.3 - 18-Dec-2018

Bug Description Effects on generated Files
APPJSF-270 Generated Pages Menu for Developer Bar does not contain any Entry when only capabilities are assigned to an application-ui the generated menu XHTML file [app-name]PagesMenu_generated.xhtml in the web project will change when only capabilities were assigned to the application-ui

there isn’t any productive code affected by the generator change
APPJSF-278 Generated Integration Test Classes do not follow Naming Convention of Maven Failsafe Plugin, e.g. [page-name] test classes are now named [page-name], before their name was [page-name]

BREAKING CHANGE for test code!!!
Move manually written code to the newly generated files and remove the previously generated ones from your version control system. Use the regular expression DA-START.*\R(?!.*DA-ELSE.*) to find test classes that contain manually modified code.