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Release Notes 2.x

gApp JSF Web-Fragment

2.1.3 - 18-Dec-2018

Bug Description Effects on generated Files
APPJSF-271 A modeled “toolbar” that is linked to a modeled “display” leads to the Toolbar Content not being aligned properly => could not be reproduced none
APPJSF-273 Some generated Classes are not yet serializable (e.g. Configuration, PerformanceTracker, …) all generated classes that are not yet Serializable will be changed (implements Serializable is added)

Java classes that are managed beans or are used as types for fields of managed bean classes are affected

the change doesn’t have any effect on the working of generated applications
APPJSF-274 Modeling Options disablable and optional for buttons that are contained in a toolbar don't have any Effect generated XHTML files that contain UI components (..._generated.xhtml) will be changed

[page-name] and [page-name] will get additional fields and methods

changes are to be expected only for pages that use toolbars that have buttons modeled that use the mentioned options
APPJSF-277 It is difficult/cumbersome to adapt the standard Text that is displayed in the generated Usage of the p:blockUI Component all Java files [page-name]
Task Description Effects on generated Files
APPJSF-161 Improve Generation for p:commandButton that have the Purpose to reset the Page Data (XHTML Attributes immediate=true, resetValues=true) generated XHTML File that includes the ui components (..._generated.xhtml)

changes in generated code are only to expect when the related model for the page has the option ActionPurpose being set to Cancel for a button or link
Improvement Description Effects on generated Files
APPJSF-264 In the Selenium Test Step Method generate Code that gets the related Input and Assertion Data Object all abstract test classes Abstract[page-name] will be modified

there are no modeling options that have any effect on whether the code is generated or not