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Software Architecture

The codegeneration targets at least three different types of software components (jar and war files):

Component Type Description File Type
Common Web Fragment Basic component that is needed by all other components, no matter whether they are war or jar files
This component is packaged as a JEE web fragment.

The generator JSF Common Web-Fragment writes code for this component.
Web Fragment A component that contains web pages and calls to web services
These components are packaged as JEE web fragments

The generator JSF Web-Fragment writes code for this component.
Web Application A component that represents a web application and can be deployed in a JEE application server. A web application contains exactly one common web fragment and one or more ui web fragments.

The generator JSF Application writes code for this component.


The web application might use additional generated code to access web services. Its not the JSF generators that create that code, though. See here to find more information on useful combinations of generators.

The web application uses one or more of the web fragment components. A web fragment component contains one or more web pages (mainly represented by XHTML files and Java classes) but doesn’t necessarily use all of them.