Sensors and actuators have to be modeled. The importand parts are Status, Connection and Fault.



module Sensors kind = Device, IoT, Basic, Function;

type DigitalConnection {
    field pinNumber : sint32;
    field trigger : sint32;

exception DigitalFault;

actuator DigitalGroveActuator {
    link Producer = SeeedStudio;

    link Status = uint1;
    link Connection = DigitalConnection;
    link Fault = DigitalFault;

type I2cConnection {
    field i2cBus : sint32;
    field i2cAddress : sint32;

exception DigitalLightTSL2561GroveFault;

sensor DigitalLightTSL2561Grove {
    link Measures = Illuminance;
    link Producer = SeeedStudio;

    link Status = float32;
    link Connection = I2cConnection;
    link Fault = DigitalLightTSL2561GroveFault;

For a full reference hava a look at the source code.