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Setting the MQTT Broker

Go to the Kura Webinterface. Under System → Cloud Services → MqttDataTransport you can set the broker url. Possible the IP of your PC or wherever the MQTT server is running.

Intalling a Kura Application

In the Webinterface. Under System → Packates *.dp files can be deployed and removed.

OSGi Console

With ssh log into your raspberry pi. If telnet is not allready installed, install it with “sudo apt-get install telnet”. Then you can connect to the Kura OSGi console with “telnet localhost 5002”.

Kura Logs

The Kura logs are written to “/var/log/kura.log” and the stdoutput is written to “/var/log/kura-console.log”. Just open them with “tail -f /var/log/kura.log”.