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How to use Generators

Combinations of Generators

Normally, you use more than one generator to support the development of your applications. This is one of the reasons why you can assign more than one generator to a generation project on the Virtual Developer Portal.

On the other hand there exist generators that combine the functionality of several other generators. The Microservice generator is such an example. It combines the functionality of all JEE generators. Such generators are advantageous since they simplify the work with generators:

  • modelers only need to know very little about how code generation works internally and how to organize the model in order to be able to get proper results
  • only one single model is needed and assigned as input - no more asking “Which model files do I have to assign to which generator?”
  • fewer assignments of directories/projects where the generator should write its output to
  • team members need to be assigned to only one generation project
  • easier configuration when the generation should be integrated in continuous integration/delivery/deployment scenarios