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Generator Config

Location of generated Files

In a Virtual Developer Cloud Connector, every of the following groups of files (so-called virtual projects) can be mapped to a separate Eclipse project or to a directory. By providing more than one virtual project you have the freedom to organize the generated code in the way you want.

Groups of Files (Virtual Projects) Included File Types
Basic Java Classes Enumeration and Technical Exceptions
JAXB Classes for JAX-RS The beans for the Rest API
Bean Bucket Used to generate test data
Rest Client Interfaces The interface for the client
Rest Client Classes The implementation of the interface

Generator Options

Node Option Description Value Range Default Value
OpenApi to Function Java-UsePrimitiveWrapper Use a wrapper for primitive types true or false false
OpenApi to Function namespace Default namespace for function modules string
Persistence to Function entity-filter Control for which entities functions are going to be generated ALL, NONE or SELECTED ALL
Persistence to Function function-param-type entity or complexType complexType
Persistence to Function namespace-postfix A postfix that is added to the package name of implicitely created complex types string .function
Function to EJB disable-ejbs disable creation of EJB model elements true or false true
Function to EJB indirect-conversion true or false false
Function to EJB use-object-type-for-fieldless-type true or false true
all generation groups target.uri.prefix path for Java source code a valid relative path src/main/java
all generation groups target.uri.prefix.for.tests path for Java test classes a valid relative path src/test/java