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PrimeFaces California

The generator JSF Application creates a default implementation of the sidebar menu, top profile menu, north-left section and the right sidebar menu. Most of the default implementation serves just as sample code and needs to be manually adapted. The generated sidebar menu gives you a complete menu that lets you open all web pages that belong to the web application.

Customization of generated XHTML Files

The following picture shows the page sections that are going to be used by the PrimeFaces premium layout California.

PrimeFaces California Sections

Top Bar

Generated XHTML File Page Section
north-left_generated.xhtml north.left
north-right_generated.xhtml north.right
Generated XHTML File Page Section
Generated XHTML File Page Section
east_generated.xhtml This section is not shown in the overview picture further above. The page section key is east.

Other Page Sections

The other page sections are either empty or contain a dummy implementation that is the same as the one that ships with the PrimeFaces premium layout California.