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Modeling Tools

All generators are built in a modular way, such that it would be easy to provide the same generator functionality with a different model input. Please contact us if you want to use the generators but need a different modeling approach. Currently, almost all of the generators support models that are created with the Virtual Developer Textual Modeler (also known as ‘Virtual Developer Modeler’).

Textual Modeler

All generators “understand” models that are created by means of the Virtual Developer Modeler‘s textual domain specific languages (DSLs). The textual modeler is provided as an Eclipse plugin. You can install it from the Eclipse Marketplace.

The tool is a generic modeling tool that can be customized by adding DSLs in form of Eclipse plugins. The following technology-agnostic DSLs are available:

  • Basic: modeling of types where a type can have typed fields
  • Persistence: enhanced modeling of types (so-called ‘entities’), aimed at data storage, data conversion and data transmission
  • Function: modeling of business logic, describing the detailed requirements by means of natural languages
  • UI:: modeling of user interfaces, without specifying detailed things like dimensions, sizes, colors, fonts and the like
  • IoT: modeling of devices, sensors, actuators, measurement units, etc.
  • Product: modeling of applications, products and business capabilities that make use of models that are created with the other DSLs
  • Test: modeling of tests for all kinds of models that are created with the aforementioned DSLs


Ideally, you use the Virtual Developer Modeler to edit model files. You could also use a basic text editor for the modeling, though. But without the Virtual Developer Modeler you will be missing syntax highlighting, code proposals and error markers.


For a few of the generators there are generators available that take OpenAPI models as input. Those generators create webservices and webservice clients.

Web Modeler


A modeling tool that you can use in your webbrowser and that stores all models in a central place (cloud or intranet) is in the making. Please get in touch with us if you want to learn more about it.