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Code Generation

You can execute generators from the web modeler. The web modeler shows you a list of the generators that are configured for you organization. There is a special generator view in the web modeler. It is not a web page in itself but it can be slided in when you have opened one of the following views:

The Generators

You always see the complete list of generators. So it is you, who needs to know, which generator makes sense to be executed for which model, module or element. When a generator is not made to handle the input that you have chosen, either nothing is generated or the generation result is an error message telling you about this fact. This depends on the implementation of the generator.

The Generation

The generation is executed asynchronously. Up to three generation results are kept and downloadable as a zip file. When you want to execute additional generations you have to clean up previous generations. Every generation result will only be kept for 10 minutes, then it is automatically being removed.