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Module Dependencies

This view shows one or more dependency trees for modules. Whether it shows one or several module dependency trees depends on whether the view is opened for a model or a module.


Parameter   Module Tree Determination
modelPk primary key of a model all modules that are assigned to the model
modulePk primary key of a module the module with the given primary key

Use Cases

  • A user wants to move an element from one module to another and wants to understand, which other module makes sense for the element to be moved to.
  • A user wants to reorganize some modules and their dependencies and for this purpose she needs to understand the “big picture” of the module dependencies.
  • A user can’t delete a module and wants to understand, why the module cannot be deleted: The module is used by other modules, but by which ones?
  • A code generator creates too many files and a user wants to know, which modules have been used as input for the code generator.


This is a screenshot of the module dependencies view:

Module Dependencies View