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Model Documentation

When using textual modeling, you would normally document your models by writing comments in the text. With the web modeler this is a bit different. You can add rich text documentation for every of the following model parts:

  • model
  • module
  • element (the one which is used most often)
  • option
  • link

There is a separate Documentation View that has the purpose of editing documentation. In order to be able to loosely integrate with other web based tools, the Documentation View lets you add one or more URLs to it. You can use this functionality for instance to link documentation to a requirements management tool.

Use in Generators

There are two ways how documentation can be used by code generators, which are not mutually exclusive. The documentation text itself as well as the link to the web modeler’s Documentation View can be written to code files. A developer can then directly read the documentation in the code or use the web modeler to view the documentation online and navigate to other parts of the model.