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Module Search

The module search view lets you search modules by name. The search key that you enter in the field for the module name is applied with “contains” semantics. You can also apply wildcards by using “%” or “*” in the search key. Searching for a module by entering “*er*” will for instance find modules with the name “Person”.

The search for names is case-insensitive. In the previous example, modules with the name “COMPUTER” will also be found. The default settings for the search keys often are sufficient:

  • most actual module versions only
  • visibility PRIVATE … this finds your organization’s elements


You can either search for PUBLIC modules or PRIVATE modules, but not both at the same time.


This is a screenshot of the module search view:

Module Search View

Views to open from here

From the search result list you can directly open several different views.

View to navigate to  
Element Wizard View purpose: create an element in the module (selection of the element type is made in the wizard)
Move Element View purpose: move an element from the found module to a different module
Document View purpose: edit documentation for the module
Upgrade Version View purpose: create new version of a module or change the module’s status
Module Dependencies View purpose: show the complete dependency tree of the module
Module History View purpose: show the module’s history (all versions of the module)