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Linked Elements

This view shows a list of elements. The list of elements is determined by taking element and module dependencies into acount. Query parameters determine which element trees and module dependencies are used.


Query Parameter in URL   Determination of the List of Elements
modelPk primary key of a model all elements of all modules that are assigned to the model and all elements of the related module dependency trees
modulePk primary key of a module all elements of the module and all elements of the module’s dependency tree
elementPk primary key of an element the element and all elements of the element’s dependency tree
generationProjectPk primary key of a generation input all elements of the model that is assigned to a generation input, see Generation Input View

Use Cases

With this view you find out, which elements are going to be processed by a code generator when a model, module, element or generation input is chosen as generator input.


This is a screenshot of the linked elements view:

Linked Elements View